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Signing Up

What if I get the trial and decide it's NOT for me?

Since it is a 7-day free trial — there is no risk whatsoever! If you decide you aren't obsessed with BOOST, just hit cancel and you're done. Although, we promise you won't be disappointed!

What's the cancellation policy AFTER the free trial?

We believe in freedom of choice. Just as customers choose you, we want you to willingly choose us. We have no contracts or commitments. If you ever need to part ways, it's a simple few clicks to cancel. But fair warning — once you experience BOOST, you might just want to stay for the long haul!

I'm ready — what happens after I subscribe?

Once you decide to start the trial, we'll take you through the step-by-step process below:

1. Checkout: After you click the blue button above, you will be guided to checkout where you'll select the plan of your choice for the 7-day free trial. Nothing will be charged today.

2. Choose Onboarding Path: You'll be taken to a page where you can choose your Onboarding Path. Your choices are (1) Standard at no additional charge or (2) Done-For-You (DFY) which you can select for an extra charge and you'll also complete an intake questionnaire. Note, you'll get a detailed explanation of these options when you get to that page.

3. Schedule Onboarding Call: You'll be taken to a page where you can select the best date and time for your Onboarding Call. Look out for an email and make sure to add it to your calendar.

4. Login: By the time you're done with the steps above, look for an email with your login details. Go ahead and get logged in!

5. Start Setup With LaunchPad: Choose "Launchpad" from the menu, where you can begin connecting your accounts and begin getting familiar with the system. You'll be able to start using basic functions of the system immediately.

6. Attend Onboarding Call: During your Onboarding Call, we'll guide you through everything that needs to be done to set up your system. If you need more help, you can join the Onboarding Calls as often as you like.

7. Grow And Transform Your Business: Once you see the power of BOOST, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it!

Getting Setup

Is it easy enough to do it myself?

Yes! You can certainly get started with "Launchpad". This is enough to begin using the basic functions of the system immediately. It's highly intuitive, so you may even want to jump right into the Settings and take it all the way yourself.

HOWEVER, we do recommend completing your Onboarding Call so that we fill in the gaps and make sure that everything is setup correctly. Once you complete your 90-minute Onboarding Call — you'll be good to go.

Plus you can always re-join that call as often as you like!

If you opt for Standard Onboarding (at no additional charge) — and later decide you'd like us to do it for you, we can certainly do that too.

I'm not tech savvy (or don't have time). Can someone do it for me?

Yes! There's no need to be a tech guru; we've got options tailored just for you. Right after checkout, you'll get to "Choose Your Onboarding Path". We crafted a special 'DONE-FOR-YOU' option for businesses who might be tech-shy, short on time, or simply prefer a hands-off approach. It's an extra one-time fee of $800, but it's entirely up to you.

Other Systems & Tools

What should I do with my existing email/CRM?

It is up to you... BOOST is a fully integrated, all-in-one business system. Ultimately, you'd want to consolidate your existing email and CRM system into BOOST to get the most impact. Don't worry though, we can help migrate if you need it!

How do I CONNECT my existing website to BOOST?

You can continue using your existing website, so don't worry about the investment that you've made there.

During Onboarding, we'll walk you through how to connect the CHAT WIDGET and update your website CONTACT US form so it all feeds into BOOST. (Our Done-For-You Setup will integrate this for you.)

Should/Can I MOVE my existing website into BOOST?

There are a few ways to move (or connect) your existing website into BOOST. And don't worry about how to do this — we'll be there to help.

1. If you already have a WORDPRESS website, you'll find an option to move your website into BOOST. Just click the button and follow the steps... and voila! Everything will seamlessly switch over in the background. You won't have to go logging into other systems to get to it. It will all be right there at your fingertips.

2. If you have a SHOPIFY website, you can simply connect it to BOOST. There is no need to move your e-commerce site. However, if you wanted to move off of Shopify — you could certainly offer an e-commerce platform within BOOST.

What if I want a NEW website?

If you don't have a website, you can build one through the Website builder using templates or from scratch. (Or we can build one for you as part of the DONE-FOR-YOU services.)

Note, this is NOT a Wordpress website. It is a fully-customizable template-based website, similar to GoDaddy's template websites. While the cost is a fraction of a Wordpress website, you cannot move these websites.

I already have a website domain name. Will I lose control of that?

1. WE WILL NEVER OWN OR CONTROL YOUR DOMAIN. That is the intellectual property of you and your business. No marketing firm should ever have ownership of your domain. If you have an issue with this, we would be happy to help you get it back. (We've helped many others gain control of their domain names.)

2. HOWEVER, we do need to CONNECT/POINT your domain to BOOST. This is so that your email will show your domain name as well as your website and/or landing pages. We can either point the entire domain name or sub-domain such as (

We'll show you how to do this during Onboarding. And again, our Support Team is happy to help if you get stuck.

Lead Generation

Can I do lead generation from BOOST?

We focus on ORGANIC Lead Generation and partner with marketing firms that specialize in PAID Lead Generation.

Before spending money on lead generation, it is important to have the systems in place to capture, qualify and convert those leads into customers. Without having this in place with at least a foundational online presence, your paid advertising spend may be disappointing with a a low return on investment.

ORGANIC LEAD GENERATION (This is where we shine!)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps drive rank. If you're on a budget, you can get listed on about 100 directories in BOOST by subscribing to Yext. This also includes all of the voice directories, such as Siri and Google Assistant. (If you get Yext direct, it is about $85/month whereas it is $55/month in BOOST.) If you have a budget to work with, we offer managed SEO services by our amazing team of SEO specialists starting at $550/month.

Use social posting to drive brand awareness. Right from BOOST, you can manage all of your social media posting and audience engagement. Use BOOST AI to create your posts and publish them, or buy our Social 20-pack for professionally designed posts with copywriting. Create once and post to all of your social channels right inside BOOST!

Point traffic from your website, social media, content creation, networking, QR codes, email signature, etc. Use your BOOST Funnel as the main action point to direct your traffic where you can promote an enticing offer, ask questions with a form or survey, and get them to book a call in your calendar.

"Mine" your existing customer database with reactivation and referral campaigns. When businesses haven't had a tool to engage their current customer-base, they often forget about the goldmine they're sitting on. Start a reactivation email/sms campaign to get them thinking about you again and/or asking them for referrals!

PAID LEAD GENERATION (This is where we partner!)

Ads can be pricey because they are tailored for bottom-of-funnel conversions — so leverage this approach AFTER you've gotten everything else up and running. Ask us for a referral to one of our lead gen marketing partners or contact your own lead gen marketing partner who can guide you.

Since we are about empowering small businesses, soon we may offer DIY ads through BOOST. This will be similar to Social Planner where you can post your own social media.


Are there any other costs that I need to be aware of?

In addition to your licensing subscription, there are a few Third-Party costs:


One-Time Phone Setup - Your phone service will be provided by a third-party company called Twilio, a global telecom company. There is a one-time fee to purchase your number (approx. $1.50 one-time) and a government regulatory verification requirement (approx. $20 one-time).

Recurring Phone/SMS Charges - Your monthly Twilio charges depend on usage, however for about $10 you can make 475 calls, receive 780 calls or text 840 segments. It is setup inside your account and auto-replenished based on an amount set by you.

Third-Party (Optional Add-Ons)

Yext Listings (Optional Add-On) - Yext Listings puts you in control of the facts about your brand across 150+ digital services globally, including Google, Alexa, Apple, Bing, Facebook, and Yelp. Our direct integrations put you in definitive control of how the facts about your brand appear — everywhere customers search. If you purchase it directly from Yext, it is approx. $80/month. Through BOOST, it is $55/month.

• Wordpress Hosting (Optional Add-On) - If you opt to have your website hosted within BOOST, it will truly centralize the digital side of your business. Hosting is provided via Google Cloud for $40/month. This also makes your website integration easier by providing access within BOOST.

WhatsApp (Optional Add-On) - You can use BOOST to streamline all of your communiction by connecting WhatsApp for $29/month. WhatsApp messaging can also reduce Twilio messaging costs.

AI Tools (Optional Add-On) - There are AI capabilities included, however prior to using them you will be prompted with the approximate cost associated so that you can decide if you'd like to continue. These costs are fractions of a penny per use. There are several AI tools within BOOST. For example, Conversational AI is $0.021 per use, or you can upgrade to unlimited for $49/month.

*Note, pricing is subject to change.


What kind of (post-sales) support does BOOST offer?

Our platform is fabulous – but our SUPPORT TEAM is the real superstar here.

1. Onboarding: Once you join our family, brace yourself for ONBOARDING. First, we'll guide you through all the Techy Setup stuff. Next, we'll make sure you're comfortable using BOOST with a mini-orientation. And you can join our Onboarding Calls as often as you like!

2. Templates: If you're doing it on your own, you'll have access to a library with 1000's of INDUSTRY TEMPLATES for email, websites and funnels.

3. Live Chat: If you ever hit a snag? Our LIVE CHAT has your back, with lightning-fast replies in just about a minute. They'll often send you a Loom video that will guide you through step-by-step so that you can refer back to it as many times as you like.

4. Weekly Roundtable: Still craving more? Join our WEEKLY ROUNDTABLE to ask any questions you may have, get savvy tips and learn about new features that have been released so you can continually improve your business.

5. Monthly Newsletter: But wait, there's more! Taken from our business coaching days, you will find valuable business coaching content each month along with an accompanying downloadable worksheet or guide.

6. Maintenance Services: When you're ready to take it to the next level? We've got "a la carte" MAINTENANCE SERVICES you can schedule any time. We don't lock you into licensing with maintenance costs, so we offer it on as as-needed basis. All you need to do is go to our Support Center and schedule the call. (You'll pay for the service at the time of scheduling.)


How secure is the system and my data?

Our platform security framework is developed using best practices for the industry:

1. Data Compliance: Customers are responsible for ensuring they only capture appropriate information to support their business. The system should not be used to collect or store sensitive information such as credit or debit card information, social security numbers or other sensitive data except as otherwise permitted with HIPAA or GDPR compliance.

2. Data Protection: Data is assigned to individual customer accounts and is never co-mingled or shared between customer accounts.

3. System Availability: Our platform is hosted in the United States on leading cloud infrastructure providers such as Google Cloud Platform Services and Amazon Web Services with a 99.5% or greater system uptime.

4. Backups: System backups occur on a regular basis with 7 days' of backups kept for restoration in the event of failure. Customers do not have access to these backups and can use the recycle bin to directly recover and restore up to 30 days after deletion. In other cases, version history can be used to restore, data can be exported or synchronized with other systems.

5. Data Retention and Deletion: Customer data is retained for as long as you are an active customer. Written requests can be made to have certain data deleted. Customers are not currently able to define custom data retention policies.


How do you compare to other CRM and marketing systems on the market?

WHO do we compete with? BOOST consolidates over 15 business tools, so there are many! However, we are most frequently compared to Hubspot, Thryv, Clickfunnels, Keap, Salesforce and Zoho.

HOW do we compete? Our platform launched in 2018, has over 50,000 subscribers and ranked in the Top 100 Software Companies of 2023 under the name HighLevel, our platform partner.


Digital Marketing Services

Our focus is on organic growth. In addition to providing you with BOOST, we also offer custom Websites, managed SEO and managed Social Media services.

For all Paid Advertising, we will partner with your marketing firm or bring in one of our highly recommended partners.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Why is SEO important?

SEO makes it possible for businesses to compete online by placing your websites higher in local search results of Google. More than 90% of consumers search on Google before making a buying decision. So ranking higher helps beat your competition and drive more sales, not to mention it helps increase your ROI on paid advertising.

What SEO services do you offer?

Ideal for startups and budget-conscious businesses to cover the basics, our most popular is the Local Starter Plan for $450/month.

• Rating = Entry Level

• 5 target keywords

• 25 trackable keywords

• On-page optimization

• Locally relevant content writing

• Editorial content

• Local citation building

• SEO dashboard

• Weekly/monthly reporting

What are my responsibilities?

• Provide input on keywords

• Acknolwedge there is no change to keywords for 6 month period

How do I get started?

• Click the "Get Local SEO Starter" button above

• Schedule your Intake Call and submit the Intake Form

• We'll get started with Project Setup which includes: customer dashboard, global website audits, competitive analysis, heatmap, and keyword research.

• We'll send keyword recommendations for your approval.

• Project Launch starts with title and meta tags, link optimization, rich snippets, listings, schemas, Google Business Profile setup, voice search optimization, and so on.

What happens after the first month?

• You'll have access to your SEO dashboard where you can see every detail.

• You'll receive weekly and/or monthly reports (your preference).

• We'll continue to perform SEO activities based on your keywords and trackable keywords.

• Every 6 months, we'll make recommendations for change in keywords.

• Anutime you want to discuss, simply click "Schedule SEO Review" above!

What other plans are available?

SEO Local Silver ($1575/month) - 3 geographies or categories, 15 keywords, advanced strategies for GMB/organic rank, on-page, locally relevant content and more.

SEO Local Gold ($2075/month) - 3 geographies or categories, 15 keywords, advanced strategies for GMB/organic rank, on-page, editorial content and more.

SEO Local Platinum ($2575/month) - 6 locations or categories,30 keywords, advanced strategies for GMB/organic rank, on-page, content writing, citations and more.

• National Plans are also available

Social Media

Our managed Social Media plan includes the following:

Week 1: Onboarding, Account Setup, Asset Creation & Production

• Problem solving & goal setting

• Account access forwarding

• Setting of creative direction - Mood board for content direction in all platforms

• Strategizing & conceptualization – for Social Media and Following engagement

• Gathering of Assets - Video Assets, Image assets, Logos, Sublogos

• Start of Content Creation for a 1 week allowance

• Feedback rotation

Week 2: Content Creation & Posting

• Creation of copies and 14-Days ahead content calendar for all social media platforms

• Social Media Content Ideation and creation

• Static Images

• Reels Videos

• Highlights

• YouTube Shorts

Week 3 & 4: Copy & Creatives Preparation for Content

• Redesigning and optimizing of all accounts if needed (e.g. Facebook Page, Instagram, YouTube)

• Business Manager and ad account creation (If you don’t have one yet)

• Creatives Preparation- Identify the BEST creatives we’ll use for your ads if needed

• Social Media Posting on the 3rd week

• Feedback Loop

Note: This schedule will be met if the feedback loop and approval of the branding assets are done and met on time.


While we can build websites within BOOST, we have a team of custom website developers. We can build a fully customized Wordpress or Shopify site for you.

Pricing for standard 5-page website is $3000.


What's the difference between VITAZA Digital and BOOST?

VITAZA DIGITAL, LLC was formerly a full-service digital marketing firm, which makes us experts in digital marketing.

However, we realized that there was a huge problem with businesses spending money on marketing and NOT having systems and processes in place to realize the full potential of their marketing spend. We started taking a bottom-up approach mandating our clients to have a system in place before investing in marketing, so we decided to launched our own platform to enable this.

BOOST by VITAZA Digital is our all-in-one CRM platform that supports sales, marketing and operations functions. It is a software license with massive capabilities that integrates over 15 stand-alone business tools into one, provides an end-to-end "lead to loyalty" sales and marketing process, and provides business automation for operational efficiency. And our services and support put a bow on it!

Today at VITAZA Digital, we consider ourselves a business/marketing technology company. This is a convergence of our extensive background in Big Tech, business consulting for startups/small businesses, and digital marketing expertise. While we still offer some digital marketing services, our model is partnering with other agencies and consultants as the technology provider of BOOST.

That said – we are a business-minded firm and digital powerhouse!

PLEASE NOTE: The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are provided as a quick reference to assist you with general inquiries. They are subject to updates and modifications at our discretion. For binding and official details regarding our services, policies and agreements, we strongly encourage you to consult our Terms and Conditions.

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